General Information

Students can apply in order to have vocational training and/or get working experience in a company/institution which is located in a EU member country.

Who Can Apply?

  • Vocational School students
  • Undergraduate, Master and Ph.D students
  • Each student can participate in Erasmus+ Traineeship program receiving grant for max 12 months during his/her higher education period. However, a student can apply and also be selected  to participate in Erasmus Work Placement without a grant.
  • Each student can participate both in Erasmus+ Student Exchange and Erasmus+ Traineeship.
Host Institution Selection

The following institutions can be suitable for students of Erasmus+ Traineeship:

  • Enterprises, Business Firms
  • Training and Education Centers
  • Research Centers
  • Other Institutions
However; diplomatic agencies and the institutions that hold EU programs cannot be selected as the host institutions within Erasmus+Student Mobility fo Traineeship.

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