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 Dean's Message

Dear Colleagues, Dear students,

Almost every profession is related to people, every profession brings with it helping someone else in a sense. However, a doctor is the only profession that directly serves people and aims to increase the quality of life of a person who has lost the concept of a healthy life.
It is not easy to acquire the profession that aims at such a big goal, to gain experience, and to interpret the experience gained, to teach, or to practice this profession. Education is a phenomenon that requires years of education, years of experience, the application depends on the working conditions as much as the person, and the ability to teach is a completely different phenomenon. I believe that the first step to overcome this challenge is the student-teacher relationship and communication being on the right ground and healthy.
In the medical profession, both the teacher and the student must have a rule that they must accept from the very first day: Being free from selfishness, personal interests, opinions, and ready to give a response. The real doctor and the lecturer are the ones who self-exist, do not feel obliged to seek support to prove their personality, do not hesitate to say that they believe, but are always open to new views.
In accordance with these principles, we aim at training at İAU Faculty of Medicine, which is transparent, participatory, open to change, where the teacher and the student integrate, share, train each other mutually, and the faculty members and students progress and develop together. I present to you all my love with the belief that the aspect of our profession which is art and scientific aspect will be integrated into the same pot in this way.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Prof. Dr. Özgün ENVER


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