General Information


Erasmus+ aims to improve the quality of higher education and strengthen its European dimension. It does this by encouraging transnational cooperation between universities, fostering the European mobility of students and teachers, and contributing to improved transparency and academic recognition of qualifications and studies throughout the European Union. 

How does it work?

Higher education institutions apply for the Erasmus+ University Charter (EUC) to the European Commission. The awarding of an EUC gives the institution the right to participate in activities supported by the Erasmus programme. Once an institution receives a Charter, it can apply for funding for activities such as Student Mobility and Curriculum Development projects. 

To apply to IAU for Erasmus+ Exchange Program your university needs to have a current Inter-Institutional Agreement with Istanbul Aydin University and you need to be nominated to study at IAU. You can find here the list with our partner universities.


A Step By Step Guide


Contact your Local Erasmus+ Coordinator at your Home University If you intend to study at Istanbul Aydin University first check with your Coordinator at your home university if our universities have a inter institutional agreement between them. After this, discuss your application with her/him. If there isn´t a inter institutional agreement between our universities but you are interested in studying with us write to the Erasmus+ Coordinator of our University and suggest the implementation of a inter institutional agreement. If they are willing to cooperate we will establish a inter institutional agreement and after the existence of this agreement you can proceed to the next step. 


Check the Courses Available at our University. At this address you can find the list of subjects available at our University. You will use them to fill in the learning agreement. The learning agreement includes all course units you are planning to follow at our university. Please pay attention to the fact that your learning agreement only contains courses that are taught during the period of your stay (because some courses may be taught only in one semester). 


Fill in the Application Form and the Learning Agreement


Send Your Erasmus+ Student Application Form and Learning Agreement 

The completed application form and learning agreement should be signed and stamped by your local Erasmus+ Office and sent to our University by scanned mail and by post.


Language Courses 

Istanbul Aydin University provides Turkish language courses for Erasmus+ students which are held in the Department of Turkish Language and Literature or via AYDIN TOMER programme ( 

You can chose different learning levels according to your Turkish language proficiency (Elementary or Intermediate). If you need more information you can write to the adres of our Erasmus Office.




Rooms in private dormitories can be rented for approximately 200-400€ a month. 


Enrol at Your Home University 

Before you leave your home country make sure you are officially enrolled at your home University.


Check Insurance Information 

Contact your home University Erasmus+ Office in order to check what has to be done concerning health insurance.


Arrival at IAU 

Contact Erasmus+ Office

Address of the Erasmus+ Office of Istanbul Aydin University is: 

Istanbul Aydın University 
Florya Campus J Block
Erasmus Office
Besyol Mah. Inonu Cad. No:40. 
34295 Sefakoy / Kücükcekmece
Istanbul / TURKEY
Fax: ( 90 212) 424 08 80 

Please, do not forget to bring with you the Erasmus+ Student credentials provided by your Erasmus+ Office.

On arrival you will acquire a Student Card provided by IAU Students Affairs Office.

You will also receive a password to gain access to the Faculty´s computers and will be informed of the schedules of the courses.

If you want to change the learning agreement on arrival you should contact the Erasmus+ Coordinator of the University.


Course Completion 

After you have completed your study programme, a Transcript of Records will be handed out by the Faculty and the ECTS for the subjects mentioned in the learning agreement will be integrated in your curriculum at your home institution.

This transcript is sent to your home University and to your private email after the deadline for grade presentation.​

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