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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Blockchain technology, which has managed to attract attention after the success of crypto coins, is a developing and very popular study topic. It is a solution to many problems with its decentralized structure, one-way and indelible data recording, encrypted block architecture and data structure that does not allow tampering by third parties. Blockchain, which is a supportive technology, tries to be integrated into many different technologies. For this reason, in our Istanbul Aydın University Blockchain Application and Research Center, researches are carried out to increase awareness on blockchain technology, solutions are proposed, and trainings are organized for experts needed today and in the future.​ You can access the brochure of our center from the shared pdf file

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  Manager's Message

The success of Bitcoin and all other altcoins, which have made Blockchain Technology come to the fore, has caused the technology to attract such attention today. However, Blockchain Technology, which is a joint study of Cryptology and Computer Science, has the potential to be applied in many fields without only financial applications. With this awareness, it is aimed to contribute to the development of blockchain technology in our Blockchain Application and Research Center and to continue education and awareness-raising activities starting from our university with the applications we will make.​

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