Human Resources Policy

​Istanbul Aydın University Human Resources Policy was formed to provide the required support to realize the mission, vision and strategic targets of our University. Our Human Resources Policy adopts the following principles; 

Our aim is bringing qualified human power in our University, and being the most preferred University to work in national and international fields by gaining the loyalty of our employees. 

Our University is committed to train innovative, experienced human power with the quality required by information society and embrace the dynamics based on knowledge. To that end, our principle is supporting all employees to embrace the corporate culture reflecting multi-dimensional perspective.

We attach importance to bring individuals with a critical view and the corporate culture who questions and have ethical values besides education and research in our managerial staff, and we base human resources employments on this perspective. 

Our main approach is creating working teams with the spirit of team work and increasing the motivation of our employees on the purpose of achieving our strategic targets with a broad perspective and a sense of management created in line with the aims of the University, and creating an efficient and productive organization by providing employee satisfaction with proactive human resources practices. 

Our starting point that we place emphasis on is reflecting the multidimensional perspective of our University on all human resources practices and all our employees as an equitable and humanitarian approach that is distant to all kinds of discriminations including religion, language, race, and gender. 

Representing "Aydın" on the subjects of service and working quality, employee satisfaction and corporate commitment in university community by benefiting from the education and training of our University to support the personal development of our employees is our principle. 

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