Application And Selection For Placement

​​​Erasmus+ placement activity can be conducted in institutions contacted by the home University, or in institutions-companies contacted by the student.

The application deadline for 2019-2020 are open till 6 p.m. on 25th of February, 2019. 

The placements found by Erasmus+ Office or students are subject to the same application and evaluation criteria.

Students who wish to make a placement should first apply to these institutions and get an acceptance letter. With the invitation letter sent by the institution, students apply to Erasmus+ Office.

The selection criteria is determined by the National Agency, which is 50% GPA, 50% foreign language knowledge.

All candidate students should take the foriegn language exam prepared by IAU Foreign Languages School.

Once the total score is calculated, Erasmus+ Office announces required minimum score. The students with the minimum score will have the right to benefit from Erasmus+ Student Placement on grant.

In case, the student fulfills the criteria, yet still is not selected for grant allocation, Students have the right to be an Erasmus+ Intern, through not on grant.

Without an institution to spend the placement period, students cannot join this mobility Action.

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