What Is Farabi Exchange Program?

​​​​​Student exchange within the scope of Farabi Exchange Program involves at least one semester and at most two semesters.

The preparatory and first-year students studying at bachelor's degree programs cannot benefit from Farabi Exchange Program. Master and doctorate degree students also cannot benefit from this program during their preparatory and scientific preparatory years and their first semesters of the main education.

The students' course loads, based on credits determined within the framework of a common credit system, cannot be less than the course loads in the same semester at the higher education institutions which they are registered. Course credits are taken into consideration, not the number of courses in the exchange program.

The students have the right to participate in Farabi Exchange Program for once in each education level. However, a student can be a scholarship Farabi Exchange Program student one-time only for a semester or academic year during her/his education life.

The students continue to register in their own higher education institutions and pay their tuition fees during Farabi Exchange Program. The students of the program cannot freeze their registrations. They do not pay any tuition fee to the higher education institutions they attend within the framework of the exchange program. The scholarship students of Farabi Exchange Program are paid one and half times more than the monthly scholarship amount paid to bachelor's degree students according to the Law on Scholarship and Credit for Higher Education Students numbered 5102.

The students monthly receive 70% of their scholarships during their education and 30% of their scholarships collectively at the end of the program according to the percentage of their success.

Farabi exchange program scholarship cannot be given or another payment cannot be made in the exchanges between higher education institutions within the same local borders according to the regulation of Farabi Exchange Program. 

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