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Dear Students,


The 2020-2021 Academic Year Fall Semester Final exams started today. Online exams appear on your exam calendar.


The dates of other exam types will be sent to you via UBIS through our instructors.


If we get an idea about the exams, you can pass with our assistants, lecturers and department heads.


In addition, UZEM and WHITE TABLE will be ready to help you.


Best luck fort he finals.

güncelleme: 25.1.2021 14:16

  Dean's Message

As Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Engineering, our aim is educating engineers who are competent not only in national but also in international field and who have basic values such being organized, hard-working, confident, flying right, reliable, foresighted, open-minded and also who are unbiased, researcher and sharing,..Read More..

Prof. Dr. Hasan Alpay Heperkan​​
Vice Dean





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