Faculty of Engineering

Dear Students,

As the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, I would like to welcome new students to our university and wish them success in the 2020-2021 Fall semester.

There will be an online ORIENTATION program for our 1st grade students, which will include information on educational programs, school rules, examination and evaluation systems. I kindly request you to attend this program by following the days and hours of the orientation program from the department announcements.

If you have any problems, you can apply to our dean's office.


Our mission is carrying out education programs and scientific research studies with innovative approaches; constantly improving the existing infrastructure; educating engineers with high level of professional knowledge and skills, social and ethical responsibility; carrying out basic, applied and interdisciplinary research and education programs to transform information into technology and social benefit; performing studies by establishing  close cooperation with domestic and foreign industrial, civil society and public institutions; contributing to the development of the community and to prosperity of society. Read More.. 

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  Dean's Message

As Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Engineering, our aim is educating engineers who are competent not only in national but also in international field and who have basic values such being organized, hard-working, confident, flying right, reliable, foresighted, open-minded and also who are unbiased, researcher and sharing,..Read More..

Prof. Dr. Hasan Alpay Heperkan​​
Vice Dean





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