School of Foreign Languages

School of Foreign Language has undertaken the language education duty of Istanbul Aydın University and is making efforts to teach our students a new language by using the most modern tools, equipment and technologies since its establishment in 2008. The purpose of the School of Foreign Languages is giving English Language Education to the students of the University by observing and coordinating their works in units such as

a. English Preparatory School Program,

b. Modern Languages Program,

c. Russian Preparatory Program,

d. Spanish Preparatory Program.

School of Foreign Languages has three two-year applied translation programs in English, Russian and Spanish apart from these preparatory programs. There are two four-year Translation and Interpretation departments in English and Russian. Read More...

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  Principle's Message

Dear Students,

You have been a member of Istanbul Aydın University with your success and your preference in Undergraduate Placement Exam. I sincerely congratulate you for joining us by choosing our university and your first step towards a successful future. All of the administrative and academic staff of the School of Foreign Languages are pleased to be with you. Read More..

Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÇIKRIKÇI
Principle of School of Foreign Languages


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