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Dear Students, we are proud and honored to be with you as Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Dentistry. Even though we are very new, we educate you, the dentists of the future, with a contemporary approach and modern technology, especially with our young and dynamic personnel and experienced faculty members in each departments of science. We are one of the few faculties that implement the training proposed by the ADEE (Association for Dental Education in Europe) in our country. In this context, when you graduate from our faculty you will be graduated as a dentist who has studied in European standards and has learned up to date. It is also a fact dental technology is a profession that its dynamic and frequently used materials can be changed as a result of developing technology and R & D. Do not forget that you must follow and apply these changes after graduation. Certainly, dentistry is a profession with a difficult education process. But I believe we will overcome these difficulties with you and my colleagues with ease.

Love and Best Regards.

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As Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Dentistry Oral Health Research Center, we are proud and honored to serve you. Even though we are new, while educating the dentists of the future with a contemporary approach.. ​ Read More..​​​

Prof. Dr. Orhan CANBOLAT

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