Faculty of Law

Beloved students of the Faculty of Law, and prospective colleagues;

The Faculty of Law is organized to ensure you are offered the best law education to involve you as the cogs of the components in our Justice System; the prosecution, the defense and the judgement.

Both the academic and the administrative personnel endeavor to ensure the Law education you are offered may lead you in your professional career. Our faculty, with their mastery and experience, contribute to this purpose.

Rector: Prof. Yadigar İZMİRLİ, PhD

Dean: Prof. Vahit Doğan, PhD

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  Message from the Director

Dear students of Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Law,

Valued Intended Colleagues,

Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Law has been structured and organized in order to provide you the best law education with the thought that you will serve in prosecution, defense and judicial office, the three trivets of our Justice System, and become one of the "cogs in the wheel of justice" in the future... Read More..

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Nizamettin AKTAY
Vice Dean 


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