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Having been founded in 2008, Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Law has continued to make a significant contribution to legal education and discipline since day one. Among our graduates, there are many legists who have classical legal professions such as advocacy, judicature and prosecution.

In addition to compulsory courses in all law schools, law disciplines that are emerging and will have intense field of application in future are provided for students as elective courses. Our purpose and mission is educating lawyers with a solid legal formation and ensuring the students have made legal thinking into conscious reflexive. Our greatest reference in structuring our education in our faculty is our graduates who are directing the practice of law and legal discipline. 

Prof. Dr. Erol ULUSOY

Vice Dean 

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  Message from the Director

Dear students of Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Law,

Valued Intended Colleagues,

Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Law has been structured and organized in order to provide you the best law education with the thought that you will serve in prosecution, defense and judicial office, the three trivets of our Justice System, and become one of the "cogs in the wheel of justice" in the future... Read More..

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Nizamettin AKTAY
Vice Dean 


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