Defense Industry and Technologies

The Defense Industry Technologies Application and Research Center (SSTUAM), established within  Istanbul Aydın University, is to conduct research on defense technologies, to perform analysis, to carry out modeling, design, simulation and manufacturing studies, to monitor and evaluate defense technologies, to make technology predictions regarding defense technologies, to develop basic and technological infrastructure technologies and to make engineering applications for needed systems and subsystems. The Center contribute to the development of defense technologies and industry with these purposes. Also, we purpose to contribute to the infrastructure of our students who will graduate in the project-oriented studies carried out within our center.

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SSTUAM Director: Asst. Prof. Dilşad AKGÜMÜŞ GÖK (İAÜ Mechanical Eng. Department, [email protected])

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  Message from the Director

The importance of the defense industry is increasing day by day in Turkey as well as in the rest of the world. Defense industry is an industrial sector that is not separated from the general industry, can produce and maintain the vehicles, equipment and weapons, ammunition required in the field of national defense and has a connection with manufacturing technologies. The defense industry is not only a commercial factor; at the same time, it is an industrial organization that considers and evaluates many issues such as reliability, strategic, confidentiality, less dependency on foreign and technological competence. The defense industry is an important field where the most advanced technology systems are used and constantly needs new technologies. It is a fact that the technologies developed in this field are used for civilian purposes later on, thus contributing to the socio-economic development of countries. For this reason, while the defense expenditures, which are inevitable for Turkey, continue, our aim is to make our country a product and technology producer in the field of defense industry in order to increase our country's national technology capability and to achieve economic and social gains.

Asst. Prof. Dilşad AKGÜMÜŞ GÖK 

SSTUAM Director



  • Analysis Applications for Electronic Components in the Defense Industry
  • Acoustic Analysis Applications in the Defense Industry
  • Composite Usage in the Defense Industry
  • Fatigue Analysis Applications in the Defense Industry
  • The Importance of Analysis for the Defense Industry
  • The Importance of Simulation and Modeling in the Defense Industry
  • The Place of Additive Manufacturing in the Defense Industry

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