The University of Arizona Microcampus

Istanbul Aydin University and the University of Arizona, USA, Establish Visionary Partnership for a Microcampus

Students in Turkey who have been admitted to the University of Arizona can safely stay in Turkey, benefit from the campus facilities of Istanbul Aydin Unversity Microcampus
 and start their studies toward their US degree with the online courses of University Arizona during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Given travel restrictions, school delays and visa moratoriums in the World today, University of Arizona (UArizona) organized flexible, affordable and quality education options to allow students in Turkey to earn a full U.S. degree – or U.S. transfer credits – with full access to the IAU campus.

Students can choose from two options:

•     Complete a full U.S. undergraduate degree, graduate degree or graduate certificate from UArizona with complete access to the IAU campus.

•         Enroll in a pathway program of UArizona courses to prepare for virtually any major and for eventual study in the U.S.


Both programs include in-person tutoring and academic support, as well as access to IAU computer labs and study areas. Clubs and community activities are also included through IAU.


For Application and information:

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