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Your Story- Erasmus Alumni Testimonials 

With hundreds of scholars taking part in the Erasmus Programme at Istanbul Aydın University respectively at our partner institutions, we asked the Erasmus incoming and outgoing alumni to share their experiences.

Alumni's testimonials are a fantastic way of getting areal insight into the benefits of taking part in a mobility exchange as well as picking up some useful tips.

Here is what some of our alumni have said:


Alena Letemina- Erasmus ICM Incoming student from Ural Federal University, Russia 

Anastasiia Proniushkina- Erasmus ICM Incoming Trainee from Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU), Russia 

Mohammad Sanad Haitham M. Altaher- Erasmus ICM Incoming student from Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan

Polina Fedanova- Erasmus ICM Incoming student from Ural Federal University, Russia

Teodora Nikolova- Erasmus incoming trainee from Medical University of Sofia, Bulgaria to IAU Faculty of Medicine and IAU VM Medical Park Florya 


Hasan Dursun, Erasmus trainee at Stanisław Staszic State University of Applied Sciences in Piła, Poland (
Sinem ARSLAN, Erasmus trainee and Erasmus outgoing alumni at Universidad de Barcelona, Spain ( )

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