Higher Education

Higher Education Studies Application and Research Center's field of activity; to conduct researches on improving the quality of education in higher education (HE), to examine the valid and current quality standards in HE, to evaluate performance measures and perform studies on the purpose of developing standards and criteria in accordance with the needs of our country, to make evaluations about the necessary environment for R&D studies in HE and develop applicable models, to examine the effects of the Bologna Process and Accreditation practices on HE and conduct researches in this area.  

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  The Message of the Director

Higher education institutions are shaping their policies to educate individuals towards the demands and opportunities of science and technology and to ensure that individuals keep pace with this cycle of information. In this context, higher education policies, studies based on changing demands, opportunities, expectations and problems in higher education should be constantly updated in the light of models, innovative movements. The research themes that the Center focuses on in this sense are: The content, purposes and values of higher education; institutional management and organization of higher education; higher education research policies; comparative higher education studies at global and regional level; determination of the problems, accessibility, impossibilities of higher education in the country; academically and institutionally qualified, reliable, valid and feasible studies.


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