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​OUTGOING STUDENTS - Students with Special Needs

To ensure that students with special needs can take full advantage of the European mobility arrangements, the Erasmus+ Program pays particular attention to guidance, reception, physical accessibility, pedagogical and technical support services, and, especially, financing of the extra costs. Your Erasmus+ grant is higher than the normal study grant to offset the specific difficulties with which you are faced (such as physical access and the organization of your studies).


Ask in person or via email at [email protected]  our Erasmus+ Office about the application procedure (application deadline, where you can obtain the application form, where to submit your application form etc.);

You have to fill in a form describing your disability/special need and additional requirements it entails, as well as a detailed cost estimate of the financial support you will need.;

Your application shall include a statement delivered by an authorized person or institution attesting the disability and its degree of severity, its impact on the mobility and an estimation of the additional costs for your participation in the mobility programme;

Applications are made directly to our Erasmus+ Office;

Istanbul Aydın University and Turkish National Agency will assess your application and will decide on the additional amount you may receive;

If you are entitled to an additional grant, you will have to sign a grant agreement which clarifies your rights and duties;

It is important to anticipate all possible needs and apply for the appropriate support before you go abroad, otherwise may not be possible to get them;

After your study or placement period you will have to report the precise amount of your additional expenses and provide evidence with invoices. Your grant agreement will contain the specific rules concerning this report.


Students may be awarded ERASMUS+ support to help cover the travel and subsistence costs (including insurance and visa costs) incurred in connection with their study period abroad.

ERASMUS+ students - whether or not they receive ERASMUS+ support - are exempted from paying fees for tuition, registration, examinations and access to laboratory and library facilities at the host institution.

Erasmus+ support will help cover of the additional costs incurred so give yourself plenty of time when researching programmes.

Please check OUTGOING STUDENTS - BEFORE LEAVING IAU section for detailed information on regular funding options.


In addition to the standard Erasmus+ study mobility grant, an additional grant can be given to disabled beneficiaries participating in the Erasmus+ Programme so as to meet their special needs.

The extra funding is meant to cover increased costs connected to special needs for:

  • Special transport
  • Adapted accommodation
  • Assistance during lectures (note taking etc.) or at home
  • Medical follow-up (Physiotherapy, ordinary medical check-up in the host country)
  • Special material (Braille texts, enlarged photocopies, recordings etc.)
  • Preparatory sign language course
In order to give an additional grant to students with special needs, Istanbul Aydın University has to claim additional grant from the Turkish National Agency.

The claim for additional grant can be made within the contract period consistently until 30 June 2016 (for 16 months projects) and 28 February 2017 (for 24 months projects).

The application forms are published on the website of the Centre, where the 2015 period’s riders of the Key Action 1 are broadcasted.

Along with the application form, a medical report including information about the disability and its level or a copy of the disability card need to be added.

Documents including information about the host higher education institution’s awareness of the guest student’s/personnel’s disability and the pledge concerning he/she has convenient equipment are also added to the form.

The claimed amount of additional grant and why it is needed should be stated in the form as required in detail.

The applications have to give information about other financial supports the student still receives and explain why these are inadequate for a mobility period abroad.

Higher education institutions are responsible for ensuring that the application forms are accurate and complete, also, required arrangements for meeting the needs of the student/personnel should be made by the host higher education institution.

Turkish National Agency evaluates every application specially and will determine whether an additional grant will be given and the appropriate amount of it.

The increase is done according to the amount of additional grant stated in line item of the Beneficiary’s financial contract. The maximum amount of additional grant that can be given to the student/personnel can’t exceed the total grant which the student/personnel will receive for the activity period.


You should also ask our Erasmus+ Office to provide you with more information on specific issues that are of concern to you when planning your study period abroad.

Useful information can be found also on the website , which currently covers five countries.

The "European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education" provides a network of contact persons, appointed by the Ministries in each of the EU/EEA countries, who are available to answer questions and give advice on issues concerning special equipment and facilities for disabled students.

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