Education For Sustainable Peace Chair

The establishment of the UNESCO Chair of Education for Sustainable Peace (ESP) at Istanbul Aydin University in 2016 reflects a logical response, considering the university's commitment to guiding its students "Towards a Bright Future." Given that the current generation has been exposed to various cultural, social, political, and ethical influences that can distort their judgment, it becomes imperative for organizations and individuals to actively shape the future entrusted to the next generation. In a collective effort, decision-makers, academics, and civil societies from across the globe can join forces for the betterment of humanity, recognizing the attainability of a platform that fosters a culture of peace through education.

The UNESCO Chair of Education for Sustainable Peace at Istanbul Aydin University is dedicated to providing young people with a medium to voice their concerns and engage in the development of educational programs and research aimed at addressing these concerns. By enabling them to contribute to the broader scope of peacebuilding, the Chair empowers youth to play an active role in shaping a harmonious society.

The program's anticipated outcomes align with several of UNESCO's objectives, particularly the goal of "mobilizing education to transform lives." To achieve this, the Chair adopts a comprehensive approach that encompasses collaboration, youth empowerment, interdisciplinary methodologies, and strategic partnerships.

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