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 Rector's Message

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​​​The main driving force in the development of the community is education. There is no developed country that has not solved the problem of development with education before. Communities of uneducated people struggle with dark thoughts which are outdated, based on no specific data and which have no logical explanation. They do not see the danger coming from inside and outside during this struggle. And in a short time, they will be the colony, satellite, and source of livelihood of developed and powerful states.

The most important source is to use our collective mind to develop. The resource for that is information. Namely, it is education. It is a university where education is represented at the highest level. While describing a university, it is listed as; sector of society, focused on solving the problems of society, integrated with the world developing technologies and at the same time bringing these technologies to the country, carrying on their studies with free and independent contemporary thought, suffering from discomfort of community thinking precisely, sensitively, unselfishly and positively. The increasing number of universities, its spreading throughout the country, the expectations of young people who want to go to university are important criteria of the cultural development of a society.

Every year, over one million young people who long for university, return from the gates of universities.
To train manpower in the branches and number needed by the country,
To disseminate enlightening scientific data by verbal, written and other means,
To offer a solution for training professionals,
To produce new education technologies,
To develop education and training principles.
All these are duties given to the universities determined as a higher education institution by law. For that reason, universities are reputable organizations including managers, researchers and scientists nested with every With these thoughts and this awareness, Istanbul Aydin University is a university having vision and mission, its targets having been determined .With its academicians, administrators and managers, it is determined to be a world class university of the future as a road map. It has performed the duties promised to the community with Anadolu BIL Vocational School, has exceeded the targets, has gained the confidence of our people and students for eight years. Our target is to increase this confidence with the faculties, colleges and institutions of Istanbul Aydin University.

Prof. Dr. Yadigar İZMİRLİ

güncelleme: 3/2/2017 18:43