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Dear Students,

Education is the most important element that positively affects the development of humanity, countries, and the transformation of the world. In this context, in the globalizing world of the 21st century, the importance of universities as institutions that produce and instill knowledge and educate young individuals who are the guarantee of the future is increasing by the day.

Today, information, science and technology have become the most important elements of power. The basic condition for accessing knowledge, putting knowledge into practice, and having the competence to produce knowledge is education and training.

Since its establishment in 2003, Istanbul Aydin University, a world class university of international standards, has been taking firm and decisive steps towards its goals. With its academic achievements, it has attained a great brand value not only in our country, but also in the world.

With an educational approach that supports the versatile and interdisciplinary development of students, we raise individuals who can quickly adapt to the times and professional life, who can act as leaders, who have a scientific perspective, who are interested in art and sports and possess good social skills, who recognize and respect social and universal values, who are sensitive to the environment, who are adorned with problem-solving skills, and who adopt lifelong learning as a principle. Propelled by our Board of Trustees, our greatest strength in this regard is our internationally qualified and experienced staff, and our supportive and experienced administrative staff.

Internationalization is an issue that we attach great importance to in order for our university and our students to adapt to world dynamics. In line with the concept of education diplomacy, our university engages in important collaborations and carries out projects with the world's distinguished universities so that our students graduate as individuals equipped with international competencies.

Our University, which has achieved commendable success in different fields in the rankings made by globally recognized higher education evaluation organizations, is proud of being the most preferred foundation university by international students.

Countries are taking serious steps towards the potential gains of artificial intelligence. We are in a period where developments in the fields of robotic systems, automation, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology open the door to a completely different future. This transformation is a dynamic process that educational institutions especially must adapt proactively. In this process, our university, with its innovative approach to education and modern technological infrastructure, enables its students to grow and mature into competent individuals in the professions of the future, equipped with contemporary values.

Our motto is "A bright future and quality education for every student." Istanbul Aydin University continues its work with this understanding. It will continue to contribute to the development of our country in every field by raising young people who are ready for the world of the future, who have internalized their cultural values, and who protect their national and spiritual values.


Prof. Dr. İbrahim Hakkı AYDIN

Acting Rector

güncelleme: 3/8/2024 11:23