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It is useful to remind students who will attend to the Erasmus+ student mobility of the procedure for Outgoing Students in the process after taking foreign language examination and the issues requiring attention.

1st Phase: Informing the HOST INSTITUTION COORDINATOR about the names of your students who were selected as Erasmus+ students by your Faculty/Department and whose names were declared to you by Erasmus+ Office after their registration and about which semester(s) they will study.

2nd Phase: Filling in the APPLICATION FORM of the host ins​titution together with Erasmus+ student and applying on the time. It is vital to pay attention to application deadline as the applications to some universities end in May or June (for Winter Semester) or November (for Summer Semester). LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE is sent to the student's address. At the same time, Erasmus+ students should be guided in filling HOUSING FORM and the application for housing should be made on the time.

3rd Phase: Guiding Erasmus+ Student to Erasmus+ Office to receive required documents (Erasmus+ Student CharterStudent Information FormLearning Mobility Agreement, Documents for Passport and Visa, Certificate of Attendance and Erasmus Student Activity Report Form ).

4th Phase: Preparing Learning Agreement in accordance with the duration of semester(s) that the student is going to study (MINIMUM 30 ECTS FOR ONE SEMESTER and MINIMUM 60 ECTS FOR TWO SEMESTERS) and determining the equivalent lessons at his home institutions and presenting it to the evaluation of Faculty Administration Committee, sending the learning agreement to the Host Institution Coordinator and finally submitting to Erasmus+ Office.

5th Phase: Guiding students to make perfect application for visa by providing them with the information available both at our web-site and the web-sites of the related countries' Consulates.

6th Phase: Providing the participation of your students to the Erasmus+ Orientation meeting organized by Erasmus+ Office.

You may reach Certificate/Confirmation of Attendance for Teaching Staff willing to come from faculties/departments with which you have agreements within the framework of Erasmus+ Teaching Staff Mobility.

To-Follow List for Erasmus+ Coordinators on Student Study Mobility

1. To inform the students(including the first grades) about the universities where the Erasmus+ student exchange is available (the universities which have bilateral agreements with the faculty) via posters and meetings.

2. The Acceptance of the candidate student applications

3. To deliver the names, the student registration numbers, the grades (GPA), contact information of the students who are to take the foreign language exam and the language of the exam to the Erasmus+ Office signed by Dean of faculty.

4. To inform the Erasmus+ Office of the ultimate results of the students chosen by the faculty; their names, registration numbers, the examination results (GPA 50%, the foreign language examination 50%), contact information, the names of the host universities and the length of stay with a letter signed by Dean of faculty.

5. The declaration of the names of the students who are to go in their faculties.

6. To inform the the host institution of the students who are to go.

7. To fill the application form of the host institution with the Erasmus student and to let the student apply on time.  

8. To fill the accomodation form of the host institution with the Erasmus+ student and to let the student apply on time.  

9. To guide the Erasmus+ sudent to Erasmus+ Office for the documents that are requiered to receive.

10. To let the students apply for the visa on time(at least 2-2.5 months before going) and to check the process.

11. To choose the courses(at least 30 ECTS) to be taken in the host institution with the student and present it to Faculty Administration Committee .

12. To guide the student to "the Erasmus+ orientation meeting for the outgoing students" that will be held by the Erasmus+ Office.

13. To let the Erasmus+ student to be registered in the faculty and pay the tuition fee before going. Attention: The student will not pay tuition fee in the host institution.

14. To guide the Erasmus+ student to Erasmus+ Office to receive 80% of the donation. Attention: This payment is done after the student takes visa.

15. To inform the Erasmus+ Office of the students who give up joining the Student Mobility.  


1. To make the equality of the courses taken abroad in the home faculty (with petition+transcript of records provided by the host institution)

2. To guide the student to Erasmus+ Office with Learning Agreement + Transcript of Records + Certificate of Attendance + Erasmus+ Student Activity Form (to receive the rest 20% of grant )

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