IAU Erasmus Student Club

IAU Erasmus Student Club was established on October 1, 2021 by the Erasmus Ambassadors of the Mentor Unit of Erasmus Office at Istanbul Aydin University. Erasmus Student Club's Board of Management consists of 10 Erasmus Ambassadors who have knowledge of the Erasmus+ Programme an some of them have had already an Erasmus+ experience abroad.

Erasmus Ambassadors help re-integrate Erasmus outgoing and integrate Erasmus incoming students to IAU Campus and the city throughout the Academic year. In the same time they volunteer and participate in the organization of international events coordinated by Istanbul Aydın University's International Relations Directorate.

Erasmus Ambassadors play an important role in helping Erasmus incoming students with paperwork, obtaining residence permit and tax number, accommodation and more in cases; Erasmus Student Club's purpose is to bring together Erasmus incoming students and full-time students at Istanbul Aydin University, to get to know different cultures, to learn-improve-exchange different languages, to organize social activities inside and outside the instution, and to organize trips in Istanbul and in the other cities in Turkey for the incomings to participate.

Students interested in becoming members of the Erasmus Student Club, need to follow the call for Application announcement on our Instagram page. (@iauerasmusstudentclub)

At Erasmus Student Club, during the membership applications the most important thing is we pay attention to the English level of the applicants, where the student can express yourself and establish an understandable communication with Erasmus students. The second phase of the application consists of an interview which is organised by Erasmus Ambassadors in order to test the applicants English level.

You can reach the IAU Erasmus Student Club via instagram at @iauerasmusstudentclub




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