Department of Foreign Languages

The mission of the School of Foreign Languages is to provide the students studying at Istanbul Aydın University with English language education at international standards by coordinating and  monitoring  the work in its departments such as:
a. English Preparatory  Department
b. Department of Modern Languages
c. Russian Preparatory  Department
d. Spanish Preparatory Department
e. Arabic Preparatory Department
Apart from those preparatory departments, the School of Foreign Languages has got three departments where they offer two-year applied translation in interpreting departments (English, Russian, Arabic and Spanish). It has also got two four-year translation and interpreting departments (English and Russian).

The main aim of this school is  to educate and  to  enable  students at Istanbul Aydın University to follow their departmental courses, to access and effectively use all kinds of resources related to their subject matters.

Another aim of this school is to educate its students as creative, constructive, intellectual and knowledgeable individuals.

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