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ERASMUS+ Traineeship at Istanbul Aydin University

All around the year we can receive applications for Erasmus+ traineeships, therefore we welcome all interested students to follow the guidelines below and send their application to the email address of our Erasmus+ Office: [email protected]

Each applicant`s documents will be carefully evaluated and based on their education degree, academic results and motivation, a non-paid traineeship between 2 and 12 months can be offered within our International Relations Directorate or within one of our Faculties/Institutes.

Who is eligible for an Erasmus+ Traineeship at IAU?

Students registered at a Higher Education Institution and enrolled in studies leading to a recognized degree can participate in the Erasmus+ Traineeship Programme. Recent higher education graduates may also participate in the traineeship and must be selected by their home institution during their last year of study and must carry out and complete the traineeship abroad within 12 months of obtaining their degree.

The sending institution must be awarded an Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education*. Although the existence of an Erasmus+ Inter-institutional Agreement between the sending institution and Istanbul Aydın Unıversıty is not compulsory, we advise all interested students to contact their Erasmus+ Office and suggest the implementation of an Erasmus+ Inter-institutional Agreement for traineeships.

Please note that Erasmus+ Traineeship students are not allowed to sign up officially for regular courses opened in one of our Faculties/Institutes. 

Students can apply in order to have vocational training and/or get working experience at IAU.

Please click for Incoming Traineeship Student Application Form

Please click for Incoming Traineeship Student Arrival Form

Please click for Incoming Traineeship Learning Agreement

Insurance, Visa and Residence Permit Information

Health Insurance: Contact your home University Erasmus+ Office in order to check what has to be done concerning your international health insurance.

Liability and accident insurance: All trainees are strongly recommended to take out liability and accident insurance cover on their own, prior to arrival to Turkey.

In case of damage to the property of Istanbul Aydın University caused by a trainee, the university will assess the degree of guilt in the specific case:

  • IAU will cover damages assessed to be made inadvertently
  • IAU will not cover any damages assessed to be made deliberate with gross negligence or intention
  • IAU will not cover any third-party damages

  • Entry/student traineeship visas to Turkey :

1. General Visa:

2. Student Visa:

Students who want to conduct their traineeship and reside in Turkey for more than 90 days  must get an Erasmus+ internship visa before they arrive in Turkey. After having received the acceptance letter from Istanbul Aydin University and prepared the related documents, you can apply to the nearest Turkish consulate an Erasmus+ internship visa. The initial entry visa (the red stamp on your visa page) will emphasize that you have 30 days after your arrival in Turkey to apply for the Residence Permit.

Erasmus+ trainees are required to apply for a residence permit. IAU Erasmus+ Office assists Erasmus+ trainees during their residence permit application. The application is processed at the Foreigners Department of Istanbul Provincial Security Directorate (APSD).

See the link:

Important: The application has to be made within 30 days of a student's arrival in Turkey. Otherwise, the student visa of the applicant will be invalidated. Please contact Erasmus+ Office for assistance within 30 days of your arrival.

If you would like to extend your residence permit, you must file your application at the governorship of your place of residence. To this end, you may begin with the application procedures 60 days prior to the expiry date.

If you do not take the residence permit card, IAU Erasmus+ Office will not be able to assist you. Once a student visa is invalidated, the student is required to return to his/her country to apply for a new visa.

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