Global Peace and Democracy

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Global Peace and Democracy Center was established with the aim of conducting researches on national, regional, global peace and democracy; supporting the development of peace and democracy to the most advanced levels by especially working on the political, cultural and social issues occurring in our region. The Center has adopted the role of peacemaking by addressing social problems, particularly human rights, and promoting cultural solidarity.

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  Message from the Director

The establishment  of    the  centre  for the research and application of the   global peace and democracy  dates back to 2013, and reactivated  in January 2020.

The main purpose of our centre is  to conduct   research studies  on peace,  democracy, human rights, equality, intellectual   freedom  and   freedom of expression   locally  and worldwide well as  promoting  the survey studies monitoring the  significant   developments   at  our geographical region  which may have a positive or   negative impact    concerning  peace and democracy  .

Taking into account  the prevailing    such crises on this aspect   in many   parts of the  world,  which has evolved  to be  the common problem of all human beings,   we feel  responsible to lead and support  the  intellectual studies  that will  contribute -at least at a modest scale- for remedy  on this end  at regional and global level .  We believe that  these   academic   studies on peace and democracy  at    regional and global level,  which  we encourage  by all means   to  increase  numerously  , will  be of   vital significance      for  us  considering the geographical   and geo-political  importance  of the region where our country  is located.

In this context,  we take pride and pleasure to  initiate and support  academic studies on  peace and democracy.

Asst. Prof. Alp Yuce Kavas

Director of Global Peace and Democracy Research Center 


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