Global Peace and Democracy

 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Global Peace and Democracy Center was established with the aim of conducting researches on national, regional, global peace and democracy; supporting the development of peace and democracy to the most advanced levels by especially working on the political, cultural and social issues occurring in our region. The Center has adopted the role of peacemaking by addressing social problems, particularly human rights, and promoting cultural solidarity.  

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  Message from the Director

Global peace and democracy have been among the concepts that many thinkers and theorists have spent mental labor throughout history. However, most of these efforts could not go beyond theoretical generalizations and wishes in terms of historical reality, and thinkers who claim that global peace and democracy are possible were considered as "utopian" by political realists. As Turkish diplomacy historian Oral Sander emphasized; Only 20% of world history has been lived in peace. Most of the time, the periods of peace in question consisted of orders imposed by global hegemonic powers, and the theses of political realists were met in practical politics.

Turkey, due to its geopolitical position, is among the regions where many developments threatening global peace and democracy have been experienced. With this structure, Turkey; As a regional power, it has a critical importance and potential for solving the problems in global and regional subsystems with its historical-cultural background in the Balkans, the Caucasus, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East.

In this context, among the aims of our center; to carry out studies on democracy, human rights, equality, freedom of thought and expression at the global and regional level; to follow developments that may affect the development of peace and democracy positively or negatively in our region. We hope that our center will contribute to academic studies in accordance with the stated objectives, and contribute to peace and democracy studies.

 Dr. Murat JANE,

Director of Global Peace and Democracy Studies  Research Center (GLOBDEM)


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