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 Message From the President of the Board of Trustees


There is an urgent need for skilled manpower; that can make use of information and technology, and who can speak at least one foreign language, eager to research in order to be able to fulfill society’s needs, in our modern times, to question and to create; of people who can renew and adapt themselves to different fields besides those of essential necessary life skills, who wish to participate and are universally capable of thinking and working individually.
Taking into account the demands of our times for well-qualified citizens in our country, we have contributed to their formation, providing high school and professional schools’ graduates with higher education opportunities, by putting an emphasis of being the first in this field in our country and establishing a foundational school for vocational higher education. With its renowned academic staff, its exceptional, modern and continuously updated programs, with the English preparatory vocational education program, implemented for the first time in Turkey, with the modern technical equipment, its ergonomic physical structure, pre-eminent solution partners, the international educational institutions that we are partnering with, through certification and unlimited freedom of learning as well as with all its rich social edifice, our institution is an educational entity which will ensure the necessary information and will induce in you the conscious, energetic entrepreneurship-creative spirit of the 21st Century.
In this sense, I strongly believe that, only on your shoulders, the Modern Turkey will be able to grow in the fields of science, technology and world politics and take its place among the leaders of the world.I wish our students to chose their professions and plan their careers as suitable as possible to be able to happily embrace their future.
And in order to make these wishes come true, we work tirelessly in our mission to become a model-university of the modern world. Believing that Istanbul Aydin University will undertake an important role in the educational development of our country, we are preparing younger generations to embrace the Turkish Republic’s indispensable and fundamental values which are at the base of our vision and goals we have committed and take responsibility for. We strongly believe that in the light of Ataturk’s principles, Istanbul Aydin University is going to educate students who will be able to represent the country worldwide and cultivate their acquired skills. Happily recognizing this, we believe that the journey of our country towards modernization will only gain speed through education.

Dr. Mustafa AYDIN

güncelleme: 3/4/2017 15:12