Visa And Residence Permit


According to the new regulations of Ministry of Internal Affairs, student visa is not necessary for residence permit application. However we advise all Erasmus+ incoming student to consult their situation to Turkish Missions.

Student Visa, if needed, is available only through Turkish Embassies or Consulates outside of the Republic of Turkey and should be obtained before the student plans to arrive. Incoming students are advised to apply for the visa (if needed) at least two months prior to the date of departure from their home country.

For education visas, students are required to submit documents such as: a letter of acceptance given by IAU Erasmus+ Office, original passport (valid for at least one year), a completed visa application form, recent passport-size pictures and a non-refundable processing fee for the Turkish Consulate. For the most updated information on visa application students are advised to contact the nearest to them Turkish Missions.



Erasmus+ students are required to apply for a residence permit within 30 days from their arrival in Turkey. IAU Erasmus+ Office assists Erasmus+ students during their residence permit application. The application is processed at the Directorate General for Migration Management in Istanbul.

Please get the following items ready prior to the application:

1) Application form filled out according to the information on the passport (will be done upon arrival to Turkey)

2)  Student Letter document (available from the Student Affairs Office)

3) 4 photos (passport size)

4) Passport-Copy of the pages including ID information and the last entrance to Turkey in the passport

5) Application fee (in the amount mentioned on the online application form  )

6) The birth certificate will be requested for foreign minors.

7) Proof of Full Legal Name Certificate will be requested from students who have mentioned in their passport their full name, without a clear distinction between the name and surname. This certificate must be obtained prior to arrival to Turkey and will be issued by the nearest to you Consulate/Embassy.

8) Original health insurance if you bought it from J Block ground floor (take with you the original that has 3 pages). Please check our INCOMING STUDENTS - HEALTH INSURANCE section for further details.

For German students who have AT/11 form, please have with you the Paper given to you by the SGK Office in Istanbul.

If the documents are not completed in time, your application shall be removed and you shall be subject to the general provisions concerning visa and residence permit violations.

See the OFFICIAL link to the website for Residence permit application: 

Important: The application has to be made within 30 days of a student's arrival in Turkey. Otherwise, the student visa of the applicant will be invalidated. Please contact IAU Erasmus+ Office for assistance within 30 days of your arrival.

The Residence permit will be sent to the address declared in your application form for residence permit. Also, it is essential to declare your full address accurately during application for residence permit. 

!! Important information!! : As of October 2022, according to the regulations issued by the Turkish Ministry of Interior coordinating the Residence permit applications of foreingers in Turkey, non-Turkish Erasmus incoming students who will be studying at Istanbul Aydın University MUST find accommodation only in non-restricted areas/neighborhoods of Istanbul. 

The list of restricted areas as of October 2022 can be found at:  and it comprizes of the following areas/neighborhoods: Avcılar, Bahçelievler, Bağcılar, Başakşehir, Esenler, Esenyurt, Fatih, Küçükçekmece, Sultangazi and Zeytinburnu. 

The only exception from the rule is related to DORMS available in Küçükçekmece and Bahçelievler as Istanbul Aydın University's campuses are located in these two districts. 

If you would like to EXTEND your residence permit, you must file your application at the governorship of your place of residence. To this end, you may begin with the application procedures 60 days prior to the expiry date.

Please click here for the RESIDENCE PERMIT Step by Step Application Guide

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