Children’s Education

Our University is established with the aim of helping students in primary, secondary and high school education obtain reliable and up-to-date information on the scientific fields they are interested in from scientists who are specialized in these fields and to be able to access scientific information more easily, highlighting the fields in which they are interested and skilled with workshops and thus prevent possible mistakes during the choice of profession, providing the necessary notification and guidance to the families of students who need special education and raising the student to be highly qualified by involving them in the young scientist-raising projects at an early age.

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  The Message of the Director

Thinking that the most important power in the world is educated human power, Istanbul Aydın Children's University continues its activities with enriched, learning curiosity based scientific activities in order for you to make more appropriate choices in your education and training lives suitable to your qualifications and expectations. Here, you meet the entertaining sides of science in a free and democratic environment that is free from competitions and exams and take your first steps towards becoming a scientist.

During this process, you have your families who fearlessly walk with you and struggle to ensure that you achieve great successes. We are aware of them and we are here to create a world where your efforts, decisions and creative thoughts are valued. With this awareness, we aim to contribute to the future of our country by raising strong individuals.

You will gain strength with the education you will receive at Children's University and you will direct your future as young people who knows what they want.

No labor is unrequited. We will always be there for you to shape our future with you.

We love you very much and most importantly, we value you very much.


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