Health Services Policy

Health Services Policy Application and Research Center was established to analyze the existing policies about organization, presentation, finance and management of health services; to present solutions to current health problems in Eurasian countries, primarily in Turkey, and to develop policies. Our center aims to organize scientific meetings, congresses, conferences, seminars and in-service training programs with national and international health institutions. The printed scientific publications and developed policies will be shared with the public, private sector, non-governmental organizations and particularly policy makers. ​

güncelleme: 16.11.2020 10:58

  Message from the Director

Developments in the field of health services lead to the need for further research and knowledge in the organization, delivery, financing and management of health services. The studies carried out in this field make a significant contribution to the sustainability of the system. Our main objectives are to analyze national and international existing systems and policies, to contribute to the field in theoretical and practical terms, to develop ways of cooperation with international and national organizations, and to publish in local and foreign languages for our respective fields....Read More



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