Health Services Policy

The Health Service Policies Application and Research Center, established under the umbrella of Istanbul Aydin University, is an academic research institution that encourages the production, sharing and policy implementation of enriched policies in terms of intellectual resources that tackle the complex problems of multidisciplinary knowledge for the development purposes.

The Health Service Policies Application and Research Center was established to analyze current policies on the organization, delivery, financing and management of health services, to offer solutions for existing health problems and to develop salutary policies. Our center aims to organize scientific meetings, congresses, conferences, seminars and in-service training programs together with national and international health institutions. Scientific publications and policies developed by our center will be shared with policy makers, the private sector, non-governmental organizations and the public.

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  Director's Message

The Health service policy research is a field that seeks to understand and improve how societies organize themselves in achieving health goals and how different actors interact in policy and implementation processes to contribute to policy outcomes.

Developments in the field of health services lead to the need for more research and knowledge on the organization, delivery, financing and management of health services. Studies in this area make serious contributions to the sustainability of the system. Read..


Assist. Prof. Arta FEJZULLAHU

Director of Health Service Policies Application and Research Center 


  • Issue 4 (Jan – April 2023) Bulletin is Published
  • Issue 3 (Sept – Dec 2022) Bulletin is Published
  • Issue 2 (May – August 2022) Bulletin is Published
  • "GSA - The Multilingual Seminar Series" - Science Communication Panel in Turkish
  • Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses: Understanding the Best Evidence in Healthcare and Public Health Policies
  • Clinical Application of Medical Biotechnology in Regenerative Medicine [WEBINAR]
  • Organ Transplant Saves Lives [WEBINAR]
  • Human Genome Project Article is Published
  • Issue 1 (Jan – April 2022) Bulletin is Published
  • Guiding Health Policies with Psychiatric Genetics
  • Delightful Istanbul Winter School
  • Healthcare Training Program

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