Activities 2020

Basic Disaster Awareness Trainings

Structural and Individual Preparation Against Earthquake Special TV Program

Cooperation Model with Universities Common Mind Meeting

National Shelter Policy Determination 2’nd Workshop

European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Turkey Panel

Istanbul and Earthquake 2nd Conference

Are We Ready for Disaster? Online Conference

Earthquake Damage in Reinforced Concrete Structures, Online Conference

Reinforced Concrete Structures Strengthening Methods, Online Conference

What Will Change in Real Estate Markets After Covid – 19, Online Conference

The Unknowns of FRP Technology and Its Place in the Construction Industry, Online Conference

Design of High-Rise Buildings, Online Conference

Earthquake Resistant Building Management Stages Online Conference

Earthquake and Steel Structures Online Conference

Modern Design Rural Transformation Online Conference

Architect Design in Accordance with the Local Texture, Online Conference

New Measures in the Tourism Sector Online Conference

Preventive Protection in Museums Online Conference (I)

Preventive Protection in Museums Online Conference (II)

Van After the 2011 Earthquake, Online Conference

Pandemic Process and Environmental Impacts Online Conference

Occupational Health and Safety in Construction Online Conference

Coronavirus Prevention Protocols in Construction in Iran, Online Conference

International Resilience Congress

Disaster Risk Reduction in Museums, Webinar

Marmara Region Earthquake Preparedness Panel

The Importance of Education in Early Years in Disaster Preparedness Panel

Closing Meeting of the Disaster Risk Reduction Project in Museums

TUSIAD Earthquake Power Workshop

Earthquake Safety Existing Structures Webinar

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