Earthquake Safety Net(work) Project

The ESNET Project, which received a grant within the scope of the European Union, the 2007-2013 Black Sea Basin Cross-Border Cooperation Programme, the "European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI)", represents the International Blue Crescent Foundation – IBC and AFAM on behalf of Turkey. Other project partner countries; Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova.

The main goal of the project;

• Supporting the economic and social development in border regions,

• Working together against common problems,

• It has been determined as the development of inter-communal and regional cooperation.

The aim of the project, which will last for 24 months, is; It is to prevent natural disasters that may occur as a result of earthquakes in the Black Sea Basin and to create joint observation and response plans. Our tasks within the scope of the project; Determining the current situation of Turkey and the Black Sea Region against earthquakes and disasters, preparing the training curriculum for the Black Sea Region that our project partners can also use and determining the measures to be taken, preparing a feasibility report for early warning systems. It is the creation of a web portal in order to access worldwide information about the disaster situation in the Black Sea Region, and the creation of the portal's technical and educational content.

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