Guide to Reducing Nonstructural Risks in Living Areas

Refrigerators, washing machines, cabinets, lampshades, items stored in high places, which are used in the house and make our daily life easier, can be overturned or displaced during a possible earthquake, causing economic losses, injuries and even deaths. It is stated that 50% of the injuries, 3% of the deaths and 30% of the material losses as a result of the 1999 Marmara Earthquakes are caused by non-structural factors.

As Istanbul Aydın University Disaster Training Application and Research Center, we have prepared a Guide for Reducing Non-structural Risks in Living Spaces in order to minimize such losses that may occur in a possible earthquake. Applying the applications in this guide, which explains step by step how to reduce non-structural risks in all your living spaces such as home, school and workplace, with quick and simple methods, in your own living spaces will help prevent you and your family from being harmed by a possible disaster.

You can access the full text of this guide here.

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