The Impact of the Disaster News on Social Capacity Building Against Disasters

​One of the most important objectives of the preparedness studies against disasters is to ensure the continuity of social life. In order to achieve this goal, it is vital to carry out individual risk reduction activities against disasters. However, reaching the general public under disaster risk and creating this awareness can be realized with high values ​​in terms of time and cost. In order to meet the information need in daily life, mass media such as newspapers and television, which are widely used in society, offer significant advantages that can reduce these high costs. Within the scope of this study, it has been examined how effectively these advantages provided by the mass media are used in the context of social capacity building for disasters. In this context, the content analyzes of the news published by the first three most read newspapers in Turkey and the first three main news programs with the highest ratings regarding the Bodrum Earthquake of 21 July 2017 are analyzed using framing theory and their effects on social capacity building against disasters are questioned. In the study, it is concluded that the mass media deals with the news in the content about disasters with a sensational dimension, and that the advantages offered by the mass media in creating an awareness for individual preparation are not sufficiently utilized.

The full text of this published research can be found here.

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