Project for Reducing Disaster Risks in Museums

Today, fossil fuels that are consumed more and more every day, unconscious land uses, deforested areas, greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, wastes accumulated in the seas and other human-induced environmental destructions give the signals that a future intertwined with disasters awaits us. It is another inevitable result that historical and cultural assets are damaged by the structural and social destructive effects of disasters. For this reason, in Turkey, which has hosted many civilizations since the first periods of history and carries traces of a different civilization in every region and acts as a cultural bridge between east and west, the necessity to include practices for the protection of historical and cultural values ​​in the preparations for disasters becomes evident. . The "Non-Governmental Organization" (NGO) Academy Cooperation Support Program" implemented by the Sivil Toplum Geliştirme Merkezi (STGM) in our country, where disaster vulnerability is high with its rich historical and cultural values, offers very important opportunities for this necessity. As the Friends of Cultural Heritage (FOCUH), Istanbul Aydın University Disaster Training Application and Research Center and Assoc. Prof. we prepared the Project for Reducing Disaster Risks in Museums in cooperation with Mahmut Aydın. This project, which we have prepared, was decided to be supported by the Civil Society Development Center as it was deemed worthy of implementation.

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