Strategic Communication Management Model Proposal in the Context of System Theory for National Disaster Management

​Disasters carry uncertainty in terms of the consequences they will cause. In addition, limited resources are used in the fight against disasters. For this reason, all institutions and organizations in a region under disaster risk should use their facilities in a coordinated and effective manner. This requirement necessitates the sharing of information and resources between institutions in the studies to be carried out to combat disasters. In this context, the main question of this research is to what extent AFAD Presidency, which is the legally authorized institution for disasters in Turkey, meets this requirement. Within the scope of the research, first of all, a comprehensive literature review on conceptual approaches was made. Then, semi-structured interviews were conducted with the representatives of the institutions and organizations determined in line with the sample and limitations of the research. With these interviews, current problems and needs were tried to be revealed. In line with the data obtained, a proactive strategic communication management model proposal based on the two-way symmetrical communication model created in the context of AFAD Presidency-centered system theory, which can be applied between existing and potential institutions and organizations in disaster management in Turkey, has been developed. 

The full text of this published research can be found here.

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