Internationalization Policy

  1. The policy describes the adoption and implementation of a comprehensive international perspective in the teaching, research and service dimensions of the university.
  2. The policy contains international marketing and international student recruitment activities and processes, as well as international student and staff support services.
  3. It covers the development of academic collaborations with universities abroad, student and teaching staff exchange, short-term education and internship programs, international joint activities, publications and projects in physical and virtual environments.
  4. It ensures the participation in the Erasmus+ Program in accordance with National and EU legislation.
  5. It provides access to international networks for students to gain global competencies and supports the selection of international partner universities to cooperate with.
  6. It provides access to international networks for the academic staff in their scientific activities and supports them in finding international partners.
  7. It supports the professional development of administrative staff by connecting them to international networks.
  8. It develops and strengthens the internationalization process by taking into account the University's Quality Assurance Processes, its Strategic Goals and Objectives; UID Quality Manual; UID International Quality Assurance Systems and International Academic Cooperation Guidelines and Procedures.

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