Donation and Aid Policy

About Financial Donations, Aids and Scholarship to be provided;

  • Istanbul Aydın University may donate or aid with the understanding of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility by showing respect to humans, environment and laws, and following codes of conduct in compliance with corporate values within the scope of related Higher Education Law numbered 2547 and Foundation Higher Education Institutions Regulation and provisions of the relevant Law and Legislation with the condition of adhering to Higher Education Institution regulations.
  • Scholarships provided by the University within the context of education and the rights within this context are procured and established in accordance with the relevant legislation.
  • The policy regarding the University's donations, aids and scholarships are submitted for the Board of Trustees' approval, and the Board of Trustees owns the responsibility and authority to execute this policy.
  • The management of the University carries out the necessary studies about the amount of donations and aids within the semester, the beneficiaries of scholarships and amendments in the policy in the direction of the policy in question, and periodically informs the Board of Trustees. The ultimate decision maker is the Board of Trustees.
  • The University may donate and aid to the foundations and associations carrying out social responsibility projects, non-governmental organizations, social cooperation institutions and organizations, the clubs and associations undertaking sportive activities, education institutions and organizations. Any donation or aid exceeding a certain amount, determined by the Board of Trustees, may be realized by the signature of the President of the Board of Trustees.



About Financial Donations and Aids to be received;

  • The donators are informed via e-mail, letter or telephone when their donations are received by the University.
  • The names of the donators are announced to the public through various means of communication in accordance with the principle of "transparency", unless otherwise requested by the donators.
  • Istanbul Aydın University does not share the information about its donators with third parties; individuals or institutions.
  • Official information requested by judicial authorities about the donators of the University is notified to the authorities within the framework of the laws.
  • The University informs its donators and answers their questions on how the donations and aids were used in accordance with the principles of "responsibility" and "accountability".



Book Donations;

Everyone may donate materials such as new or used books, journals, audiovisual sources, etc. to the Center Library of Istanbul Aydın University.

Terms of Donations;

Acceptance of a resource in the collection depends on the following conditions:

  • A list of the items to be donated to the Library will be requested if it is possible in order to compare it with the Library catalog. Otherwise, donations are seen and examined on the very spot (if the donation is composed of a few packages, then they are taken directly in accordance with the size of the donation). Donations are accepted if they are suitable for the library collection in terms of their conditions and subjects.
  • A material donation agreement is signed mutually if the amount of the donation is large and the agreement is kept.
  • The library has to be selective in any donation and the library has the right to make the most appropriate decision regarding the donation when the donation is received. If a donation will not be included in the library collection, the first way to follow is sending it to other libraries or institutions.
  • The donations received must be clean, non-sketched and well protected/repaired, relevant to the current and future education/research studies of the users, and suitable in term of license, copyrights and other conditions.
  • Donations must be permitted with regards to license, copyrights and other conditions.
  • The library is more selective in donations of printed periodical publications due to the fact that there is electronic access to many periodicals. Generally, periodicals with less than 5 years or no continuation are not preferred or the donations are benefited by completing the missing ones or changing the damaged ones among the existing subscriptions available in the Library.
  • A health report may be requested from the donators in accordance with the value of the material to be donated.



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