Brand Policy

İstanbul Aydın University has adopted its brand policy in order to reach its strategic goals determined in line with its mission, vision, values and principles.

We consider the brand as our "visual fingerprint", including standard colors, logo name and design elements.

ISTANBUL AYDIN UNIVERSITY brand is a different way of expressing our difference from our competitors and explaining our quality of education.

ISTANBUL AYDIN UNIVERSITY brand explains who we are as an educational institution and how we want to be perceived.



Campuses, departments and individuals may only use University brands in accordance with this policy and the graphic requirements on the Brand website. Generally:

  • No university brand may be replaced or combined with any other mark or element.
  • A university may use its name only with the name of the University as specified on the brand site.
  • University colors and branded elements should appear prominently in all official communication and marketing materials.
  • Official University letterhead and business cards must be used.
  • It is prohibited to use taglines, icons or graphics as logos or as logos in University units.
  • All university should use edu web extension sites, official web template, header and footer.
  • The use of university trademarks in printed and electronic materials, including e-mail and social media, must comply with brand requirements.
  • University trademarks may only be used for commercial goods by persons and entities licensed by the University's exclusive licensing agent.

Istanbul Aydın University Stamp (Signature)

The stamp of the Istanbul Aydın University may only be used as permitted in the policy of the Istanbul Aydın University Senate. Stamp-Signature can only be used on the official documents with the signature of the President of the Board of Trustees or deputy president or dean; The University General Secretariat should be contacted to request the use of the seal or stamp.

The Brand of the University

ISTANBUL AYDIN UNIVERSITY is the official brand of the University. All University units must use our brand and the items available on their sites.

Use of University Trademarks and Logos

  • By the University, Faculties and the Other Units

The Units have to use the brand of Istanbul Aydın University-ISTANBUL AYDIN UNIVERSITY. It can be used in connection with university works. The units affiliated to the university should use the official logo in connection with the official web titles in official University affairs and social media.

  • By the Faculty, Personnel and Students

No faculty, staff, student or group may use any University brand or official web template header and footer or refer to its relationship with the University to indicate support or endorsement of anything that is not an official University job.

  • By Non-University Persons and / or Organizations

University trademarks may only be used by individuals or entities outside the University pursuant to a license, memorandum of understanding or sponsorship agreement specifying these terms of use.

Brand Factors

The basic factors of the University brand are as follows:

  • Abbreviation of Istanbul Aydın University
  • University colors
  • Brand sign

University Colors

The colors of our brand are blue and white as indicated on our website. A similar color may not be used in such a way that it may cause confusion with a University Trademark regardless of its specifications.

Sign of the Brand

It is the logo of "Istanbul Aydın University" as a unique graphic design unique to the university and cannot reproduced in font.

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