Sustainability Policy


Having been founded on 18.05.2007 under the guidance of Anatolia Education and Culture Foundation according to the annex numbered 73 of the law numbered 26526, Istanbul Aydın University has acted with the consciousness of social responsibility and undertaken the mission of leaving a livable world to the future generations by taking into account the public interest in its activities from day one. 

Sustainability policies introduces the basic principles and guidelines for minimizing the negative environmental and social effects and maximizing the positive effects regarding business and the other activities of both universities and students.


Our university has adopted the following principles on sustainability:

  1. It takes into consideration the environmental and social impacts of its activities.
  2. It aims to create a working environment that is protecting the human rights, constantly developing social justice and working conditions, and seeking to increase awareness of all stakeholders by promulgating this understanding.
  3. It rejects any kind of discrimination that damages equality in opportunity; discriminates, excludes or favors people in terms of gender, religion, political thought, race, cultural or communal origins. It accepts diversity in workplace as a fundamental component of its intellectual structure.
  4. It adopts an understanding based on fairly sharing of the values it has created and collected with its shareholders, students, employees and the other stakeholders.
  5. It supports a fair reward system that is consistent with its ethical values and strategic objectives, contains its collective working culture and takes into account the employees' contribution to success.
  6. It adopts the principle of educating the qualified workforce for all executive and specialist positions at different levels on the basis of equality in opportunity in order to support the objective of becoming an Institution able to compete on a global scale. 
  7. It accepts its students as its reason for being and prioritizes the student oriented sense of work.
  8. It does not tolerate bribery and corruption in any way; punishes these actions in the most severe way.
  9. It organizes trainings to increase employee awareness on the subject of internalization and management of sustainability.
  10. It chooses it supplier in an impartial, honest and fair way in compliance with custom of trade. It carries out purchasing and supplying transaction according to the Buying Procedure by protecting elements such as professionalism, the products/services' quality, sustainability, reliability and cost.
  11. It embraces the principle of continuously developing sustainability practices and sharing this subject regularly with its stakeholders.


The following policies complement the Sustainability Policy:

  1. Environmental, social, occupational health and security policy
  2. Anti-bribery and anti-corruption Policy
  3. Human Resources Policy
  4. Social Responsibility Policy
  5. Student Satisfaction Policy


  1. Sustainability practices are managed by Corporate Governance Committee in our university.
  2. The implementation of the other policies included in Sustainability Policy and the section of "3. CONTENT" is carried out under the supervision of the relevant General Corporate Governance Committee. All mentioned policies are regularly reviewed in line with the changes in requirements and operating conditions at least once a year. The required updates and amendments shall enter into force upon approval of the Board of Directors on the proposal of the Corporate Governance Committee.

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