Stakeholder Satisfaction Policy

Istanbul Aydın University has adopted an application-oriented education model within the framework of the mission of "providing added value by transforming knowledge into product", and is a university that offers its students the opportunity to be in business life and gain real work experience through "On-site Application" courses executed by On-site Application Coordinatorship within the framework of Bologna Process.

Moving international standards and relevant legal legislation conditions to its center in all activities, our university regularly monitors the satisfaction and complaints of our students, employees and all stakeholders from various sources. It evaluates all complaints objectively without any discrimination between our students, employees and stakeholders. It returns to all complainants and produces solutions in a reasonable time.

Istanbul Aydın University attaches importance to the contribution of all stakeholders, especially students, academic members and business community, to university and tries to improve it with this approach.


We give weight to meet the social and technological requirements of our present and future by trying to identify and making visible all the problems or difficulties of our students through our curriculum and activities. We pay attention to applicable and strategic researches that aim to contribute to the development of knowledge, support to education and social progress.

Student Satisfaction Survey, that can be used to specify demands regarding to academic staff and courses by students and consists of various questions measuring the satisfaction level of the university's services, is made every year in our university. The purpose of this study is to determine the methods, principles and responsibilities that will be applied to measure and evaluate the student satisfaction level regarding educational services and personnel satisfaction level in the IAU. The Student Satisfaction Survey is designed to cover all the associate's, bachelor's and master's degree students, and to receive their opinions and suggestions about the factors constituting and surrounding their education.

Our Career Center provides services to graduates by preparing them for business life, sustaining counseling on career and psychology, evaluating performance and following-up them with the Graduate Follow-up System. Our Career Center carries out its activities in collaboration with the following institutions:

  • Graduate Employment
  • On-Site Application
  • Continuing Education Center

High school students planning their future, vocational school/faculty students and graduates looking for work, adults and students who want to make new career planning can benefit from the Career Services.


The academic and administrative staff who are requesting to work in our university are evaluated in terms of adapting to corporate culture, individual and social relations. Work-related competencies are evaluated in the second phase of recruitment.

Orientation program and on-the-job trainings are provided to all employees to ensure that academic and administrative personnel adapt to the university and their units.

The main aim of our education policy conducted for the internal stakeholders of our university is to maximize their work motivation by ensuring the development of employees through improving their knowledge and productivity, preparing them for higher-level tasks and increasing the added value they provide.

IAU carries out education activities that increase the professional and/or personal knowledge and skills of its employees, increase/give the competence of innovation and creativity to its employees in the conditions of high competition. Annual internal and external trainings about competencies, occupational knowledge, updated legislations, new systems, processes, technologies, methods, etc. developing in accordance with the needs of its employees, are planned. Internal and external education plans are organized and monitored in line with the annual education budget.

The performance of academic and administrative personnel is evaluated periodically with the Target and Competency-Based Performance Evaluation System. Targets are determined and evaluated by being reduced to departments and individuals in accordance with the Targets Institution Strategies. Competencies are evaluated on the basis of the Competency Glossary in three areas: Basic, Functional and Managerial. The results of the performance evaluation system constitute input for the education and career system. Employee Satisfaction Survey is conducted in order to measure and improve the employee satisfaction level under the responsibility of Strategy and Quality Improvement Department since 2013. Our academic and administrative personnel take the survey electronically through UBIS.

Various social and cultural activities are planned and realized in line with the expectations and needs of the employees and in coordination with the Department of Press, Public Relations and Promotion.


Social Responsibilities

Acting with a sense of social responsibility in all activities is a part of Istanbul Aydın University's basic values and principles, and one of the fundamental and indispensable elements of its management approach. We determine our sense of social responsibility approach and our priorities in this regard by taking into account the best for the society and environment. We pay attention to be a pioneer in activities aimed at protecting democracy, human rights and the environment. Believing that corporate social responsibility principles are among the irreplaceable elements of sustainable development, Istanbul Aydın University accepts that providing value to the society we live in is one of the main areas of responsibility and it carries out social responsibility and sponsorship activities in many areas from education to sports, to environment, to art.

Our Corporations

We negotiate with the institutions we want to cooperate with in order to maintain the communication flow by reflecting Istanbul Aydın University's aims and corporate culture to target group in the best possible way.

It is our priority to establish long-term communication based on credibility and trust with institutions through the organization culture that is open to change and development, and constantly improving.


As Purchasing Department, we believe that the most important step of the goods and services that will provide the needs of demandants will be possible with an effective supply chain management, and we choose our suppliers accordingly. We prefer to work with the companies that meet our quality standards and we can cooperate with for a long term when we choose our suppliers, and expect all our supply chain stakeholders to comply with us in accordance with our policies. As T.R. Istanbul Aydın University Supply Chain Management, we have specified our basic sub-strategies supporting our Corporate Strategies determined with our internal and external stakeholders that are among our principles:

  • Differentiation: Product Range and Creating Alternatives
  • Optimum Cost
  • Fast Delivery (Length of Term)
  • Traceability of Information Flow


Istanbul Aydın University develops and implements projects to raise the awareness of the whole society staring from the students and employees of IAU with the aim of leaving a more livable world to future generations and for conservation of natural resources and sustainable development. Istanbul Aydın University contributes to ensure that all University students, employees and stakeholders in cooperation are environmentally conscious and sensitive in order to build a sustainable future with environment-friendly practices and necessary measures when structuring education and business processes in every sector within the field of activity of the University.

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