Public Information Policy

1. Purpose

Istanbul Aydın University follows an effective information policy ensuring that all stakeholders including particularly employees, academicians, students and parents, and all the public are informed correctly in line with the Corporate Governance Principles.

All kinds of activities carried out by our university are announced through the web page and corporate social media addresses of our university. In this context, activities related to both education and research, management processes are regularly published and brought to the public attention. Some of the information shared with the public is as follows:

Informing Tools:

  • Web Page
  • Activity Report
  • Strategic Plan
  • Media and Public Statements
  • Newspaper and Bulletins
  • Corporate Financial Status and Expectations Report
  • Performance Program
  • Project Supports within the scope of BAP

2. Responsibility

The following are the persons and units responsible for determining the way to follow in public disclosure and information policy, monitoring and developing this way;

  • Board of Directors
  • Audit Committee
  • Corporate Governance Committee
  • Publication Commission
  • Corporate Communication Directorship

3. The Concept of News-Press Statement of Istanbul Aydın University

Journalism is the profession of informing the public in a correct, multilateral, multidimensional, fast, credible and reliable way.

Press Statement is a short/concise text of announcements which are written in a specific format and related to person/persons, company/institution/institutions and activities.

A properly prepared press statement is very effective/helpful in conveying your message accurately and effectively to your target audience/purpose. First of all, a press statement is a news and a standard format that informs the target audience.

The necessary target words or key words should be used in the proper places to increase the corporate's reputation by staying away from fonts that may harm the corporate identity when writing corporate articles and news.  The Press Office-Corporate Communication departments within the corporate structures decide on the content of press statements.

We, as an institution, have been in "Subscription" agreement with İhlas News Agency and Doğan (Demirören) News Agency for years. We send them a news bulletin every day and 4 of them are videos within one-month process. In this way, we find the opportunity to present the publicity and dignity of our institution and academicians to the public.

We have a rich news network within our university. Our faculties, vocational schools, research assistants, etc. are a part of this richness. In addition to these, we follow the current affairs in our country and in the world and connect the required experts with news channels and newspapers. When our academicians share their opinions on issues about Health-Politics-Economy-Foreign Policy-Terror in news channels, this increases our reputation and prestige.

 We are attentive to express an issue as clearly as possible. We are preparing our press bulletins with the "news language" with the advantage of having our employees with a journalistic background. We directly write the image of our institutions and / or brands to be created in order to directly convey the subject / or topics that we want to express in our bulletins. We do not use a fancy, consumer appealing language since our goal is not to advertise or increase sales. We aim to announce newsworthy thoughts, activities, strategies and events to the press in our bulletins. We also adorn our press releases with photos and images about the subject. We definitely send in a letterhead with our logo since we are an institution.

Our other important task is following our bulletins. We can learn where our news has been published on a daily basis thanks to our agreement with Media Monitoring Agency. We learn which newspaper used our news, how much space they gave us in paper, which news portal used our news, who showed interest in our bulletins, etc.

We also inform our followers by publishing the news we make or about us on our Social Media channels.

4. Our Public Information Criteria

Istanbul Aydın University uses annual activity reports, corporate journals, web pages, press bulletins, social media channels, leaflets, introduction films and e-bulletins as a method and tool to inform the public.

  • The acknowledgement letter, including a summary written by the President of the Board of Trustees and covering important developments regarding the University and periodical semester results, is sent to all academic and administrative personnel via e-mail and published on the internet website.
  • The written applications to the University are firstly received in the document acceptance department and designated, then it is shared with the manager of the relevant unit and responded in written form by indicating the document number.
  • The University does not share the information related to its employees, including the academic and administrative personnel, with third parties and institutions within the scope of the regulation on protection of personal data.
  • The official information, concerning the employees of the University, requested by the judicial authorities shall be notified within the framework of the laws.
  • The University informs all its employees and students with annual reports, bulletins and town hall meetings within the scope of the studies conducted within the University.
  • Meetings with External Stakeholders, consulted to benefit from their views in order to carry the University into future more strongly, are conducted at least once a year within the Faculties and University. Such meetings are held in an open and participatory environment in which the participants can easily speak and audience is accepted.
  • The University maintains its communication with its graduates periodically. The University-Student meetings are held at the institutional level and on a regular basis.
  • New recruitment is announced via newspapers and/or internet and portals.
  • Istanbul Aydın University annually prepares an Annual Report containing the activities of the previous year and an Internal Evaluation Report containing the University's self-assessment belonging to the previous year and shares them with the public by publishing in written and on corporate web site during May.
  • Newspapers, periodicals and newsletters are prepared and published on the website and / or in printed form by the Istanbul Aydın University units.
  • Istanbul Aydın University adopts the principles of transparency and social responsibility, and documents like strategic plans, activity reports, internal evaluation reports, directives, regulations, information documents, etc. are published through the corporate website(s) which everyone can reach.
  • Istanbul Aydın University uses social media channels to inform and share.

Facebook: https: //




Youtube : Google+: https://plus■qooqle■com/+IstanbulAvdinUniversitv

The management of these pages belongs to Istanbul Aydın University and is carried out by the Web / Social Media Coordinatorship.


  • Crisis and Crisis Management

It can be anything from an employee, volunteer or administrator who is acting or talking in an inappropriate to any kind of irregularities in the institution or inability to provide certain services. One of your beneficiaries may not be happy with the treatment they have received from your organization and may reflect their experiences to local or national media in a way. A bad news about an organization could be a crisis when heard by the public.

  • Points of attention in communication in case of a crisis:

Communication is very important when overcoming a crisis. Correct use of communication channels as they move forward can make the crisis remain a minor, insignificant problem. The crisis can grow from nothing in a reverse situation. It is necessary to act proactively to get everything under control and give reporters the right material. Otherwise the media writes its own story.

The purpose of successful crisis communication; to show that the organization has returned to its normal way of working, that the crisis has been under control and that the organization continues to receive support from people who are important. Improper management of crisis communication can make matters worse. If the messages are wrong or the organization appears to be dragged into chaos, it is not good for the organization. Also in this case, the media gets another negative story into their hands.

Every crisis is different; There are, however, four principles to consider when creating our key messages.

  • Empathy: We show that we understand why people may be angry / upset / disoriented in the face of the situation.
  • Context: We describe our situation by associating it with developments in the sector or similar organizations.

  • Action: We give some information about what our organization is doing to manage the crisis in the best way, and some examples of how we successfully deal with this issue when it comes to action.
  • Transparency: Being open and honest will be the most important behavior. Being honest even in the event of a real crisis, we acknowledge the errors and clarify the questions that arise in the minds of the people by clearly explaining the reasons that led to this error.

    5. Application to be Followed for the News and Press Releases

    Istanbul Aydın University Corporate Communication Directorate, with the support of the Public Relations Agency determines the annual communication plan which will be the framework for how it will take place in the media. By taking service area of the media organization to take place in the media into account it informs and implements employees and stakeholders.

    Istanbul Aydın University is neutral. It only sides with education. It pays attention not to be included in the media organizations that are obviously politically sided.

    Istanbul Aydın University conducts the follow-up of all kinds of printed, visual and digital news in the national and local media through the Media Monitoring Agency and all the news in the media are shared with the employees.

    6. False news and rumors:

    Istanbul Aydın University is neutral and does not express its views on any subjects other than education and training. The Foundation maintains its corporate reputation and the value of the IAU Brand and carefully selects all kinds of brands, persons and institutions to collaborate. In the face of unfounded news and comments in the media, which are outside of its control, it communicates with the relevant media persons and institutions depending on the content and takes an initiative to correct the publication.

    The Foundation is not responsible for the articles shared outside the corporate accounts.

    The Foundation uses the visuals used in corporate magazines, promotional brochures or media news only to publicize the activities.

    Depending on the content takes part in the media, if the corporate reputation is damaged and misleading, and informing and perception of the public occurs, it takes legal actions.

    The Foundation shall ensure that internal measures and internal communication are followed by the relevant units by taking necessary precautions for the different cases that may occur for the volunteers, benefactors and children in relation to the crisis management.

    7. The Other Media;

    The University's Communication Unit sustains controlled news flow to written and visual media regarding the developments worth to be heard and informs the public in detail. This informing process may be carried out through a press conference depending on the content of the developments. Various developments, questions or information requests regarding the general flow are evaluated in writing and a positive or negative response is given.

    The University follows an active media strategy to adopt corporate governance approach. Information about agenda is relayed via Istanbul located press meetings and media group visits. Information and sources are provided to local media members during the meetings organized in the Anatolian provinces. 

    8. Persons Authorized to Give Information:

    Persons who are responsible for public disclosure in our institution and authorized to sign in addition to the public statements above are President of the Board of Trustees Dr. Mustafa AYDIN and our Rector Prof. Dr. Yadigar İZMİRLİ.

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