Education & Training Information System (ETIS) & ECTS Information Package

European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a credit system developed by European Council in 1989 within Erasmus Program (today, it is Lifelong Learning Program) to increase the international transparency in higher education and facilitate the recognition of the lessons of the students who studied abroad by student mobility programs in their own country. This system was developed within the framework of student/learning centered teaching and learning approach based on the workload and learning outcomes that support the aims of EHEA (Bologna Process) and it is a widely accepted system by the European countries. At the same time, ECTS provides a systematic approach that contributes to the development of the quality of higher education programs and their quality assurance by being designed, implemented, monitored and improved in an easily understandable structure based on the workload of the training programs and lesson contents.

Istanbul Aydın University (IAU), as one of the national and international strategic targets to be achieved, has adopted the use of ECTS system as a reference and transparency tool to design and define the study programs and their educational components and learning activities, based on the educational objectives and learning outcomes, in relation and compliance with the level requirements of the Turkish Qualifications Framework and its fields of studies in Higher Education, and uses its features, such as credit allocation based on student workload in relation to learning, teaching, assessment and grading methods, for designing, implementing, reviewing, improving and assuring the quality in educational and training processes.

For this main purpose, IAU-ETIS has been designed and taken into service as an integrated part of the university's campus automation system in order to enable active and effective participation of all executive and academic staff of the institution in the development, implementation and further continuous enhancement of the system.
On the other hand, IAU-ETIS includes all features of ECTS Information Package and provides domestic, foreign, exchange and candidate students, higher education institutions, employers and other stakeholders with information in detail and easy to trace on the institution, degree programs at all levels of education as well as other useful information such as career and educational opportunities, social and cultural environment, recreation and sport activities and many more they may require for any need and concern in relation to the university.

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