Corporate Communication Policy

Istanbul Aydın University Corporate Communication Policy is based on information sharing of all departments within the organization with stakeholder institutions and the administration of the message format within this sharing process while considering the value that the techniques and methods will add to the institution.

Our university aims to establish a dynamic communication that ensures continuous interaction with both internal and external stakeholders. It provides an integrated management of strategic communication processes in line with this goal.

Istanbul Aydın University has adopted the following policies in order to validate its Corporate Communication objectives:

·     To develop messages that support the corporate image in order to reach internal and external stakeholders,

·     To prepare media interviews,

·     To suggest new initiatives to keep communication with our stakeholders at the highest level,

·     To write and distribute media relations studies, news bulletins, to give answers to media interrogations,

·     To arrange posters and other graphics to be exhibited in the activities in accordance with the corporate image,

·     To plan news conferences and prepare the content of the speeches,

·     To manage web site and social media accounts,

·     To arrange advertisement days,

·     To support scientific, artistic and cultural activities at national and international level,

·     To develop relations with written and visual media,

·     To ensure the effective use of media in the promotion of the University,

·     To give importance to social values in social activities,

·     To improve information sharing activities with public institutions and organizations,

·     To manage corporate image reputation,

·     To adopt the principle of openness and transparency that makes media relations more strategic.


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