Social Responsibility Policy

This policy emphasizes Istanbul Aydın University's corporate social responsibility principles and the importance and priority of this subject for the administration, employees and all stakeholder.

Istanbul Aydın University recognizes that it is one of the basic and invariable elements of the management approach to act with the awareness of social responsibility in all its activities as a part of its own values and principles. We determine our social responsibility approach and our priorities on this subject by considering what is best for the society and environment. We place importance to take a leading role in the activities to protect democracy, human rights and the environment.

Believing that corporate social responsibility principles are among the indispensable elements of sustainable development, Istanbul Aydın University acknowledges that providing value to the society we live in is one of its main duties and it carries out social responsibility and sponsorship works in many various works from education to sports, environment to art in this framework.

Our basic principles in our social responsibility practices are;

Istanbul Aydın University Corporate Social Responsibility Principles

1. Human Rights

We respect human rights. We are against forced labor and human trafficking. We treat fairly and equally to everyone. We act sensitively to the traditions and cultures of Turkey and the countries we are active in and we act in accordance with all legal regulations.

We do not allow discrimination among employees within the institution by reasons such as language, race, color, gender, political opinion, belief, religion, sect, age, physical disability or similar reasons.

As Istanbul Aydın University, we believe that all of our employees have a claim to work in a healthy and safe environment under working conditions that do not violates human dignity. Our employees are our most valuable assets; ensuring security and protection for them is our top priority business objective.

We believe that our human resources are the most important element for sustainable growth.  We ensure that employee personal rights are fully and correctly used. We commit an honest, fair, non-discriminatory, safe and healthy working environment to our employees.

2.  Working Conditions

2.1. Prevention of Child Labor

Child labor cannot be employed at any stage of production. Managements are obliged to comply with the age limitation for the employment of children accordingly ILO applications. This age limitation cannot be under the age of the child at the end of his/her compulsory education period and it cannot be under 15 under no circumstances. The age limitation here is 14.

2.2. Payments and Social Services, Working Hours

Payments and social services must be determined in accordance with the basic principles applicable to minimum wage, overtime work and legally bindery social services subjects. Working hours must comply with the applicable law. Overtime work should only be done when the employee is voluntary and at least 1-day holiday must be entitled to the employee after 6 consecutive business days.

2.3. Right to Freely Work

Forced labor and involuntary servitude are prohibited. Employees must have the right to terminate the Labor agreement within a reasonable timeframe.

2.4. Health and Security

The institution ensures the safety of its employees and protects their health at least on the basis of laws and constantly improves itself to better the business environment.

3. Business Ethics

3.1. Fight Against Corruption

The highest level of honesty is expected in all business events and relationships. Any kind of corruption, bribery, blackmail and abuse is strictly prohibited.

3.2. Prohibition of Discrimination

It is prohibited to discriminate against employees in any way. This includes placing someone at a disadvantage because of reasons such as gender, race, social group, color, disability, union, political view, origin, religion, age and pregnancy.

4. Environment

We manage the environmental impacts that may arise from all kinds of our activities with a sense of responsibility. Istanbul Aydın University supports all kind of initiatives that will increase the environmental awareness by providing the best environmental solutions and helping to develop and spread environmentally friendly technologies beyond its legal obligations.

Responsibility and Applications

All our managers and employees are responsible for corporate social responsibility applications in every part of our society.

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