Internet Access of Personnel

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As the IT Department, providing high-speed, uninterrupted and secure internet is our most important service. Within the scope of these criteria, our IAU computers access the Internet via a wired network. Computers that are not IAU computers cannot access the Internet over the wired network. 

Due to the increasing cyber security threats recently, only IAU computers can connect to some web service servers, shared folders and printers. 



Computers that are not IAU computers can access the internet by entering the mail information via the wireless network (Wi-Fi) located in the library, faculties and common social areas throughout the campus. 

For computer connection; 


It is recommended that you use an up-to-date operating system to avoid problems with the Wi-Fi connection. 


Password: MailPassword

For phone connection;


Make sure your connection settings are as in the image. 


ID: [email protected]

Password: MailPassword

CA Certificate: Verification

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