Mission and Vision

Mission; Information services required for the activities and administrative functions of Istanbul Aydın University in education, training, research-development, social service and scientific fields, and the support, consultancy, training services related to these services, to the university units, members, students and other persons and organizations with which they interact; to present user requirements, technological developments, information security, corporate efficiency, efficiency and continuity in services, and user satisfaction;

To take active roles in the structuring of the university's informatics, policies and strategies, to be involved in research and development activities in the field of informatics, to develop national/international projects, institutional collaborations and organizations, to contribute to existing formations and to be a guide.

Vision; To create the necessary information infrastructure and superstructure in order to present the information resources to the members of our university in an integrated structure and to benefit from the developing information technologies at the highest level in educational activities, always pioneering at the national level, "the first thing that comes to mind and exemplary", internationally recognized and competitive. is to be an information processing unit with high power, always trusted, consulted, institutional structure and institutionalization awareness. 

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