Support Requests

Use of IAU computers, access to servers with web services, connection to corporate space, printer problems, software installations, internet problems, lectern/projection/computer in classrooms/laboratories etc. you can create a B.İ.D.B. support request regarding your problems at or you can get support by calling the extension 44 1 44. 


When your support request is entered into the system, you will receive a notification e-mail stating that the request has been processed. In this notification e-mail, the status of your request and the B.İ.D.B. The name of the support staff is included. You can also follow your request at B.İ.D.B. support staff will contact you according to the workload and order of operations. 

  1. No unlicensed software is installed on IAU computers. The license responsibility of the software on the IAU computer used by the personnel of our university (except for the licensed programs that our university has legally purchased) belongs to the relevant personnel. 
  2. If the operating system needs to be reinstalled on faulty IAU computers and the problem is not disk failure, the B.İ.D.B. support personnel are only responsible for obtaining the desktop, my documents and downloads folder of the personnel using the computer. In addition, BIDB personnel is not responsible for backing up, copying and data loss of special software in the system. doba.png
  3. For your file backups you can use your Personal Space of 100 GB (50 GB for DentAydin personnel) allocated to you by the B.İ.D.B.. TheKURUMSAL_KISISEL.jpg folder will appear on the desktop of every IAU computer that you log into with your mail account. Every file you put in this folder will be registered to BİDB servers and you can access it from any IAU Computers you log on with your e-mail account (Asset computer must be connected to the B.İ.D.B. network)..

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