Personnel E-Mail Account


As the IT Department, one of our basic services is to provide e-mail service to our personnel in the institution. 

In order to create your e-mail account after receiving your personnel ID card, you must request a BIDB User Identification form from the office numbered 2203 in block D. 


Personnel e-mail accounts are hosted on the Microsoft Exchange server, unlike student e-mail accounts. Efficiency, business continuity and uninterrupted communication in a corporate body are much easier with Exchange Server. Exchange mail service also provides us with a calendar service, making it easy for us to plan our work and follow our meetings. 


You can use your e-mail account from the address and from any application that supports the exchange service synchronously. 

[email protected]


Domain: aydin

  1. E-mail storage medium with a capacity of 2 GB is offered. 
  2. Incoming and outgoing e-mails are transferred to the archive server in the 6th month of the e-mail. Since the transported e-mail is dropped from the storage medium with a capacity of 2 GB, continuity is ensured in terms of space. 
  3. All e-mails sent to and from our personnel are checked for viruses and spam. 
  4. After our unit is informed that the employment contract of the personnel is over, the e-mail account is closed. 

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