Organ Transplant Saves Lives

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In cooperation with IAU Health Service Policies Application and Research Center & Faculty of Medicine, General Surgery and Organ Transplantation Surgeon Prof. Alp GÜRKAN (MD) presented the seminar "Organ Transplant Saves Lives". The seminer was held on June 17, 2022 at Halit Aydın Florya Campus in hybrit format.

The head of IAU Faculty of Medicine Department of Biophysics, who chaired the seminar, Prof. Mustafa Tunaya KALKAN, after introducing the invited speaker, thanked him for his participation and then Prof. Alp GÜRKAN (MD) continued with his presentation.

Carrying out his surgeries and research studies at Istanbul Okan University Hospital, Prof. Alp GÜRKAN (MD) during the seminer issued legends in transplantation, transplantation in Turkey, the importance of transplantation, transplantation types, statistical data, treatments, ethical problems, donor health, current technologies and shared detailed information about organ transplantation from the first application to the present day with academicians and students.

In the seminar, the difficulties encountered with the development of organ transplantation from the past to the present were discussed and new developments were evaluated. At the same time, the seminar, that aimed to raise awareness about organ transplantation to the participants and the audience, ended with questions from the academicians and students.

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