Clinical Application of Medical Biotechnology in Regenerative Medicine

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In cooperation with IAU Health Service Policies Application and Research Center & Faculty of Medicine, Biochemistry Specialist Prof. Nosratollah ZARGHAMI participated with the seminar "Clinical Application of Medical Biotechnology in Regenerative Medicine". The seminer was held on June 28, 2022 at Halit Aydın Florya Campus in hybrit format.

The vice dean of IAU Faculty of Medicine, who chaired the seminar, Prof. Zeynep Çiğdem KAYACAN, after introducing the invited speaker, thanked him for his participation and then Prof. N. ZARGHAMI (MD-PhD) continued with his presentation.

Carrying out his research studies at Medical Sciences Tabriz University Medical Biotechnology and Istanbul Aydın University Medical Biochemistry Department, Prof. N. ZARGHAMI during the seminer issued the importance of medical biotechnology, application areas of medical biotechnology, stem cell and regenerative medicine, cancer treatment and drug delivery mechanisms, gene and peptide therapy, nano-biotechnology, bioinformatics, the difference between regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, and current technologies from the first application to the present day with academicians and students. The seminar ended with questions from academicians and students.

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