Guiding Health Policies with Psychiatric Genetics

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Istanbul Aydin Univeristy Health Service Policies Application and Research Center, has organized the first webinar series on "Guiding Health Policies with Psychiatric Genetics" topic presented by Post-Doc Researcher Dr. Şeyma KATRİNLİ from Faculty of Medicine, Emory University. The seminer was held on March 30, 2022 at Halit Aydın Florya Campus and online via zoom.

Center Director Prof. Arta Fejzullahu, in her opening speech in which she explained the purpose and program of the webinar; stated that IAU Health Service Policies Application and Research Center will continue with regular Webinar Series every month. After introducing the invited speaker and thanking for participation, then Dr. Şeyma Katrinli continued with presentation.

Conducting significant studies on Psychiatric Genetic Diseases at Emory University School of Medicine, Dr. Şeyma Katrinli's presentation included post traumatic stress disorder, suicide case numbers and prevention, genome-wide analysis studies and methylation studies on age estimation. At the end of seminer, she answered the questions of the participants by addressing the problems related to the clinical application of the results of the study they obtained.

The seminer was a productive and informative presentation especially for the students and young researchers of the Faculty of Medicine in terms of acquiring information about both academic careers and current technologies of genetic studies.

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