Director's Message

The Health service policy research is a field that seeks to understand and improve how societies organize themselves in achieving health goals and how different actors interact in policy and implementation processes to contribute to policy outcomes.

Developments in the field of health services lead to the need for more research and knowledge on the organization, delivery, financing and management of health services. Studies in this area make serious contributions to the sustainability of the system.

Health care policy researchers can influence the formulation of appropriate health policies in the following ways: They can identify critical issues, explore the benefits and harms of policy solutions, predict the costs and consequences of policy recommendations, and actively participate in the policy process to aid real-time decision making.

In this context, to create a health policy process guided by effective service policies and reliable/comprehensive evidence, to analyze current national/international policies and contribute theoretically/practically to the field, to develop ways of cooperation with international/national organizations, to conduct research on our related fields, to examine current developments in health sciences and technology and to produce qualitative publications is among our main goals.

It is our center's vision to be recognized as the preferred partner for interdisciplinary health research and policy analysis, and to follow a health policy process guided by reliable evidence that leads to fair, effective laws and policies.


Assist. Prof. Arta ARMANİ

Director of Health Service Policies Application and Research Center 

güncelleme: 15.9.2023 16:07